Friday Silliness: Job Description (Poem)

NOTE: This was completed on deadline while on vacation, so I had no scanner (I screengrabbed the Word file, which is why there are wiggly lines and cursors) and I had to steal some existing art instead of drawing my own. (I normally never draw unambiguously white male cartoon businessmen; the world has too many of them already.) Will fix as soon as I get back.Searchable text after the jump: Continue reading


A Book Is Launched!

My serial novel-in-progress, “Superhero Superhighway” is now live and ready to read over at Jukepop Serials, under my pulp fiction pseudonym of Dixon Chance. Please go check it out and vote for me! Only the top votegetters ever see money. (I’m doing this for love, but I’ve got rent too.) Here’s the link to my story. While you’re at it, check out a few others as well. Oh, and here’s the upshot for my book:

“Ten years ago, The Amazing Five failed to stop Dr. Dominator from crimes so awful that all superheroes went into hiding. Now Creeper, a superbeing who has never mattered, has been dragged into a reunion road trip to stop Dominator’s return.”

It’s a road trip novel, it’s funny, and to get a sense of it, why not skip to the middle of chapter 3, where I get to do a fake Yahoo! News puff piece: “5 Superpowered ‘Doctors’ Who Really Do Have Advanced Degrees.” Like I said: fun!

Friday BONUS Silliness: The Interrobang (Vocabulary Poem)

Looks like The New Yorker’s “Questioningly” column is celebrating National Punctuation Week (Nov 24th) with a contest: create a new piece of punctuation by combining two existing ones, a la the famous interrobang.

Well, let me tell you, Questioningly: I already did this, several times, in a poem I posted on my old blog and repost here. Here it is, as part of a series of poems based on words in the dictionary. I give you “Interrobang.”


Again, here’s the actual, non-PDF’ed text so folks can search for it:  Continue reading