Friday Silliness: A Modest Proposal (Poem)

naptime poem screen shot

Here’s the same poem I just wrote in the style I want it to be in: like a page from a Shel Silverstein book for adults. If you like it, please share it! Happiness is the point.

Actual poem text is after the break, to make it searchable. 


Oh, there ought to be a naptime every day from twelve to two

Where they cancel all the meetings and the calls are not put through

And then everyone rolls out a mat and curls up on the floor,

So we can catch a dozen winks—and maybe even snore.

They could lower all the windowshades and dim the lights a lick

And there’s be no noise at all except the clock’s assuring tick;

Then I’d get my box of apple juice and snuggle with my teddy

And I wouldn’t have to work again till I was good and ready.

There’s no downside I can think of to this downtime after lunch

It would make our office womblike; it would boost morale a bunch;

And the gain in productivity would offset any loss;

Plus we all know people need it—so can we please try it, boss?


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