The Tolkien Throwdown! It’s ON!

Mere days after posting my comical Tolkien-hating essay on Kindle, I get a call: Do you want to fight it out with a real Tolkien HOW TOLKIEN SUCKS NEW COVERThe Wisdom of the Shire: A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life.  It all goes down tomorrow, September 19th on Facebook, and I’ll let the official press release tell you the rest. But wow, what fun! And gee, how fast things move sometimes.


The Tolkien Throwdown: Is JRR a genius or a bore?

Mention JRR Tolkien among a certain devoted crowd and you’re likely to prompt expressions of shameless adoration. An object of geek worship for a nearly a century, the man has multitudes of disciples. But mention him to others and you’ll see eyes roll with boredom and hear comments on how nobody really needs that many initials.

Turns out this debate—between the Tolkien-lovers and Tolkien-detractors—is happening within Movable Type’s own ranks. Two of our authors are duking it out over the Hobbit-maker. Dave Dickerson just published a Kindle short “How Tolkien Sucks: A Detailed Study for the Betterment of Humanity.” Meanwhile, Noble Smith is preparing for the publication of The Wisdom of the Shire: A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life (Thomas Dunne, Oct 2012).

Dave thinks the wordy englishman is a total bore. Noble counts JRR a guru for our times.

So we’re inviting the two to fight it out. Tomorrow night, Wednesday, Sept 19th, at 9pm Eastern, we’ll host their live debate on our Facebook page.

Will the witty This American Life contributor Dickerson take down the most well-known fantasy writer in history? Or will the wise documentary-maker Noble Smith perserve the literary giant’s legacy?

You’re invited to witness the brawl and participate in the conversation. We’ll also be providing running commentary on Twitter (@jasonashlock, @theadamchromy, @wordboydave and @shirewisdom)

The #Tolkien Throwdown happens tomorrow night. Gentlemen, to your corners. I want a fair fight. DING!


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