The Face of My Enemy

Here is Noble Smith, the man I’m going to slaughter tonight in the Tolkien Throwdown. His position, the one touted in his book, The Wisdom of the Shire, is some silly notion that Tolkien’s work is fun to read and contains lessons that can make people happy. My position is that reading Tolkien at all is the first mistake many people make, and the second is to take Tolkien seriously. It’s gonna be a hoot! (It’s actually a really fun book, so I’ll try to keep a gentlemanly two-inch depth limit to the blood I spill.) The details, again, are here, and the fight is online, tonight, on Facebook, at 9PM ET, moderated by the crazy visionary Jason Ashlock.  (UPDATE: The site of the fight is RIGHT HERE.)


(Here is some empty space, which you may use for notes.)


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