Friday Poem: Pardon Me for Sinning


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Greeting Card Emergency Classic #8: Cards for Recessionary Times

Things are a little crazy here because I HAVE TO PERFORM WITH DAVID FREAKING SEDARIS TOMORROW IN FRONT OF A HUGE CROWD AND THERE MIGHT EVEN BE CAMERAS! (Centennial Hall, 7:30; hope you got tickets!) So today’s gonna have to be a rerun of a theme that I almost accidentally did a second time. That’s how long this freaking recession has been. Enjoy!

NEW BOOK: Satan’s Letters to Children and Other Pieces

I have a new e-book available, now in the Kindle store! (Sorry, Kobo users; it’s Kindle only for now.) Satan’s Letters to Children and Other Pieces is a collection of ten New Yorker-style humor pieces I’ve written over the years for The Atlantic Monthly, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and the Sorry, But No, And No One Else Even Publishes This Stuff So You’re Screwed Now department of letter writers at The New Yorker.

Note that, unlike my Greeting Card Emergency videos, this collection does contain some occasional strong language, and more Mardi Gras references than you might have expected. I hope you like it, and thanks for clicking! 

(Another book should be following shortly, depending on how quickly Amazon works.)

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