NEW BOOK: Satan’s Letters to Children and Other Pieces

I have a new e-book available, now in the Kindle store! (Sorry, Kobo users; it’s Kindle only for now.) Satan’s Letters to Children and Other Pieces is a collection of ten New Yorker-style humor pieces I’ve written over the years for The Atlantic Monthly, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and the Sorry, But No, And No One Else Even Publishes This Stuff So You’re Screwed Now department of letter writers at The New Yorker.

Note that, unlike my Greeting Card Emergency videos, this collection does contain some occasional strong language, and more Mardi Gras references than you might have expected. I hope you like it, and thanks for clicking! 

(Another book should be following shortly, depending on how quickly Amazon works.)

UPDATE: For some idiotic reason, the book works fine in every format EXCEPT the Kindle Fire, which has a few letters of text running off the right edge. I’m not sure what to even do about this, because I literally followed every instruction on the Amazon page (“set up margins at x and y, convert to html, upload…”) and Amazon is responsible for the conversion. In the past, I’ve managed to format books myself in inDesign, but it’s pretty time consuming, and it takes longer for Amazon to approve the text that way. I don’t have time for this now! Aargh!

If you have bought the book and it’s wonky on your device, just let me know and I’ll send you a personally inDesigned copy in a few days. And thanks for your patience! I want to get everything perfect, but I simply won’t have time, it looks like, until after tomorrow’s performance. I’ll keep y’all apprised of any changes.


4 thoughts on “NEW BOOK: Satan’s Letters to Children and Other Pieces

      • Hmmmm, just went to Amazon to look into this book and the website doesn’t recognize the work. Is there another way to obtain this title? Saw you perform a reading with David Sedaris here in Tucson and was extremely entertained. Thanks for any information.

      • Thanks for your kind words! I had to pull two of my books because of formatting issues, so I’m getting them professionally fixed and they’ll be up in a few days…and readable on every type of Kindle! For the moment, “How Tolkien Sucks” is still available, while “Satan’s Letters to Children” (which contains the piece I read) and “God is My Frenemy: Stories From the Radio” are both set to reappear any day now.

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